Janet Murray


Janet H. Murray

Professor Janet H. Murray is an internationally recognized interactive designer, the director of Georgia Tech's Masters and PhD Program in Digital Media, and a member of Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary GVU Center.

She is the author of Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace (Free Press, 1997; MIT Press 1998), which has been translated into 5 languages, and is widely used as a roadmap to emerging broadband art, information, and entertainment environments. She is currently working on a textbook for MIT Press, Inventing the Medium: A Principled Approach to Interactive Design. Recent interactive design projects at include a digital edition of the Warner Brothers classic, Casablanca, funded by NEH and in collaboration with the American Film Institute; and the InTEL Engineering Education Project, funded by NSF.


In addition, she directs an eTV Prototyping Group, which has worked on interactive television applications for PBS, ABC , MTV, Turner, and other networks. She is also a member Georgia Tech's Experimental Game Lab (EGL) and an advisor to Georgia Tech's Mobile Technology Group (MTG).

PhD in Digital Media students

Hartmut Koenitz
His main interests are Interactive Narrative, Digital Art projects,and new forms of presenting historical events and artifacts. He founded the Advanced Stories Group and he teaches a course on video production.

Sergio Goldenberg
His main interests are interactive narrative in television, especially for journalism content.

Ozge Samanci
She is an artist currently working in tangible media projects. She also teaches a course in Film Studies

Masters in Digital Media students

Micah Horvat
His specialties include game and interactive media design, and information architecture and visualization. I am a researcher in procedural and interactive narrative.


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