Janet Murray


In the digital era, the comics medium has been transported from print to computer screen, and thus its evolution takes place in the digital performances based on full-body interaction technologies. The major implication of this process is that the conventions of comics will be merging with those of performance in addition to film and animation.

In a comics story implemented with full-body interaction technologies, representational space shifts from two to three dimensions. Physical elements can now easily be combined with virtual ones. The participants' contribution to the experience includes a larger set of kinesthetic choices in addition to reading the story with their eyes, turning pages, and clicking the mouse which were offered by earlier media. Instead of one or perhaps two readers of print and screen-based comics, a digital performance can be experienced by a group of viewers positioned in space in various ways. By utilizing the tools of computer vision, the projection of a participant can be made the main character of the comics story. Consequently, full-body interactive installations can revise and transform the earlier media's conventions mainly in four ways: distance, procedural manipulation of time, nested fourth walls, and embodiment.

Embodied Comics is a form of digital performance based on full-body interaction technology as much as it is a storytelling environment. A Digital artist can create/design various stories with Embodied Comics. Our installation Egg's Journey is an example of a storytelling with Embodied Comics. Egg's Journey investigates an unexplored possibility, a change in the conventions of comics in a digital performance and instantiates the theoretical outcomes of this project.



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